What we do is simple – junior capital lending. We’re focused on it. So we understand the territory as well as anyone out there. Our core team has been together since 1993. In that time, we’ve built strong relationships, and earned our reputation for smart, solid dealing. The experienced professionals here place a premium on solid values—personal attention, financial soundness, and clear-sighted realism.

Put secured capital and thoughtful patience together.


At Northstar, our experienced professionals know what matters in junior capital – commitment and clear direction. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve consistently invested in U.S. and Canadian middle market companies with proven sponsor groups and experienced management teams. We are generalists, with a special interest in value-added distribution, light manufacturing, business services, financial services, education, and specialty healthcare.

Here at Northstar Capital, we believe in working for long-term success, and in protecting and rewarding all participants according to their defined risk levels.


  • Northstar Capital invests in a broad range of businesses located in the United States and Canada. Typically these companies have:
    • Annual revenues between $20 million and $200 million
    • Meaningful reinvestment from seller and management
  • Proven management teams with appropriate long-term performance-based financial incentives
  • Histories of stable cash flows and profitability, and
  • Positive outlooks for sustainable margins, profitability, and growth.

Northstar Capital does not invest in real estate development, natural resource exploration, or high technology companies, or companies with significant operating volatility
(startups or development-stage companies, operating turnarounds, or companies with heavy commodity dependence).

Who We Are.

In changing times, maturity and experience make a difference. In the relationship that develops over the course of a deal, these qualities certainly count.

Our group possesses the understanding that comes with well more than a century in investment management. Each deal professional offers an average of twenty years in this territory. Complementary knowledge of commercial and investment banking, operations, law, financial research, public accounting, fiduciary responsibility, relevant board experience and partnership administration, complete the picture.